A nation of talkers.

I was listening to an old interview with Eamonn Andrews, and I’d forgotten what an amazing broadcasting voice he had.

This got me thinking about the other great broadcasters we have produced in this country…Terry Wogan, Gay Byrne, Larry Gogan and Graham Norton to name but a few.

Eamonn Andrews was probably the grandfather of Irish broadcasters, in 1946 he started out as a freelance sports commentator, and made his way on to television where he presented many shows, but is probably best remembered for “This is your life”.His voice had great timbre, it had a lovely warm friendly tone, and surprise surprise he never lost his Dublin accent. He even made a record called “The shifting whispering sands”, it’s a little twee but you will get an idea of how good his voice was.

Eamonn Andrews 1922-1987.RIP.


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